well.. i am in vancouver bc now… and i have almost spent a whole day here.. and so far… it seem really kool… having high speed internet is awesome!!! as well as wireless!! there is a lot of hills in this damn city… but it seems to really add to its character… took the bus down 4th today.. through the kits area.. and i love it… me and dre need to find a place down there… it would be awesome.. it is kool here too… in west point grey… but its not quite as kool as kits… i meet salpy down at robson and granville… and walked around downtown a alot.. even went to e hastings… and saw a billion bums… and china town… and yeah.. last nite went to granville island… and it seems kool.. its was pretty dead last nite.. but that will be another trip to do during the day… i think for a few days.. i will keep touristing around.. especially while salpy and mark are down… and then after that.. i will focus on the job hunt.. and start the apartment hunt… good times… peace all…

ps… sorry for saying kool so many times!

must start

must start packing… i am so lazy right now, i don’t want to move… must start packing… but here’s the problem… i need to pack my speakers, but i need to listen to music while i pack… so i dunno what to do!! i guess i could hook up my ghetto speakers.. yeah… good idea!! damn i am smrt…. ok… gotta choke down this coffee… get me some energy… and pack… l8r all…

escaping the grand ennui

Change: something that I used to be so accustomed to and now have become so unfamiliar with. My life has pretty much been static for quite sometime now. Nothing progressive has really has happened – nothing overly good and nothing overly bad. Sure, a few things have occurred. I have graduated from University, which is good; but then I have lost a friend, which is bad. Overall though, I would say my live is not totally stagnant, but rather it has become slightly downward sloping. This is quite disappointing for me and this is why my move next week is so important. It will give me the chance to change, grow and become the person I want to be.

That’s all I am going to write now, since I really don’t know where I am going with this, but right now I am experiencing a lot of mixed emotions, including: sadness, regret, anxiousness, fear, excitement, happiness… etc. It’s all kind of kool! I am feeling stuff and I feel human. I guess when you make decisions that change your life and the life of others; you kill the apathy inside and become human once again.

focus moves to issues / e-voting solution

It is too bad Kerry didn’t win the American election. I think a Kerry win would have been good to help re-establish the respect and the image of America around the world. Over the past few years, people have blamed Bush; but now the American people have spoken, and the majority of Americans feel the same way as Bush. This means, the other 49% of people, who are against Bush and his policies, will have to take the focus off of combating Bush himself, and focus on resolving the actual issues at hand. The American people have spoken! The amusing part is, the results are pretty much aligned with the results of the 2000 election. Meaning, all the ads and campaigning was pointless and futile. Anyway, and with these e-voting machines; am I the only person in the world who has the solution??!??!?! Push the button for you want to vote for. The machine records this in the database (just as it does now), and here’s the kicker… next the machine PRINTS a receipt that tell you who you voted for, and then you put this piece of paper into a box!!!! This would allow the system to be quick and not require a manual count of ballots, but if needed, it would allow for an independent recount!!! geeze people!!! Well there is no more need to talk about this American bullshit here anymore, check out CNN or Fox (for the 51%) or commondreams or znet (for the 49%) ! Peace.

a great appreciation

Man, I getting so pumped right now. Mainly since my old boss is amazing. Anyone willing to put a sincere effort to help others deserves great appreciation. It seems that she is the only person in my life that has actually put effort into helping me – and for this I thank her. Thanks Diane!

My voyage into the unknown is happening Monday, and I am ready. Full effort will go in to succeed and because of this I will. But hey, even if I don’t, I won’t be that hurt because you can’t succeed if you don’t try. I am getting an amazing deal on my flight, because of a good friend of mine (this friend even pays for this site, thanks Ryan!! You’re the best). I have somewhere to go, someone picking me up, and someone to help me get established (Thanks Dre!) I also need to thank my sister and mom for driving me to the airport, my dad for letting me use his suitcase, and everyone else for giving me the confidence and encouragement to expand my wings and get the fuck out of my bedroom. You all know who you are. Thanks!

baby-cut carrots

Baby-cut carrots are not a very good substitute for beer. Sure, they share numerous attributes such as being cold, refreshing, and containing no preservatives… but there is just something about baby-cut carrots that is clearly not as fulfilling as beer. Let’s assume for a minute, that the missing element is NOT alcohol. What could be? Maybe it’s the fact that you ‘drink’ a beer. Drinking is easier than eating, since there’s no chewing. Swallowing a beer is also easier than ingesting a puree of chunky carrot pieces. But then again, maybe it is the packaging? Beer comes in a bottle, can or glass that makes it enjoyable. Baby-cut carrots just come in a bag. This bag of mine, in particular, came with a defective ‘ziplock’ that needed to be ripped off so I could gain access to my little vegetables. I usually don’t put the baby-cut carrots into a bowl or anything, since I like to minimize my dish usage, but I do like eating them out of a glass. So yeah, packaging must make a difference. But, I don’t think that’s fully it either. It must be the fact baby-cut carrots are really only good since they are crunchy and juicy. And beer is good for so many more reasons, like its flavour, tradition, and effects. So I guess to be a good substitute for something, the best attributes of both things must match; and, clearly in this case, baby-cut carrots by simply being cold, refreshing and containing no preservatives, does not supply me with enough satisfaction to be a valid substitute.

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