technology and guise of security

ohhh… i love the joys and the hassles of having a crappy voip provider… mind you i can finally get my voicemail sent to my email, which is nice… however, it doesn’t seem to be quite that reliable… kuz today once i returned from a short afternoon trip to the usa… [which we just happened to get searched and detained by the ohh so ‘friendly’ (and confused) US border patrol… what? people don’t goto the usa just for krispy kream donuts? hahah, suckers] i had at least 6 emails with attempts at leaving an intentional and entire voicemail… however, all were cut short except this one that actually worked – it made me laugh quite a few times… and thought i’d share… hahah… thanks dan!

exodus 8:2

a brief hiatus from documenting and publicizing personal reflection especially after subjectively earning the stature of a trusted and reliable source of persistent and intimate analysis may wrongly suggest a crude disregard for it’s extrinsic value and may undeniably require a re-embarkment initiated with, no other than, an exceedingly long and possibly incomprehensible introductory sentence to validate and then discharge it. — damn!! it looks gorgeous outside today and I can’t wait until I finish this post, and get out there.

today, my vehicle of choice is a 2005 silver toyota prius, which I am quite excited to drive, since this will be my first hybrid experience and ever since I joined vancouver’s co-operative auto network the curiosity of how this thing operates and performs has been perpetually on my mind. also, and arguably more importantly, booking the car for just a few hours, gives me just enough of a kick in the ass, to get dressed, and leave the apartment before i end up watching magnolia again, or worse (given the nice weather out there)… continue to give into the unyielding allure of the world wide web and a maladjusted desire to sing aimee mann songs/covers (particularly one, wise up and save me) while surfing it.

anyways, that’s all for now, but i’ll leave you with the tagline from magnolia, since that somehow unintentionally became the dominant theme of this entry… here’s the instructions… read it once.. pause… and then read it again… but the second time, read it slowly and act it out… and ‘everything’ should become clear.

things fall down. people look up. and when it rains, it pours.

ps. maybe i’m just a freak, but it gives me goosebumps every time. hahaha…. cheers!

bright eyes

without much hesitation (damn you ticketmaster), last night i kicked off this year’s outdoor concert season with a short and sweet bright eyes show… the concert was at the malkin bowl in stanley park, which is a nice and cozy outdoor venue, well at least when compared to the old molson park in barrie ontario… anyways, i enjoyed the show… and just wanted to share… now only if i could remember that one line, in that one song, that made me think to myself “damn that’s a good line”… efff, i knew i should have voice memo’d it…

like a million bucks!

ahhh.. saturday morning afternoon after an evening out at the cellar with my old roomie… and all that remains is the gut rot i am enduring caused by the unnecessary mcdonalds and all that guinness (and red wine) i was consuming… so, in an effort to combat this hardship, i have made myself a caffè americano that i am drinking out of my shiny new travel mug which so far is working out quite well… it has a 360° drinking lid, which lets me drink from anywhere around the lid (just like you would from a normal non-travel mug) as well as, double wall insulation and a guaranteed leak-proof design… anyways, we’ll see how it holds up during my daily commute, when i am lugging around at least 15″ of powerbook, while listening to my ipod, trying to fold up my umbrella, so i can cram myself onto a bus with 120 other wet people, right before i whip out a book to read, while i sip on my preferred hot beverage of the morning and avoid spilling it on myself or others… haha.. we’ll see! anyways… the gut rot is almost gone now… just need to make myself some breakfast to close the deal, and let the day begin!

what’s next

i feel rather lost sitting here without a defined goal in mind. wait let me rephrase that… i feel rather lost sitting here without a defined strategy on how to achieve my long-term goals in the most pleasant and efficient way in mind… (ie. a wife, kids, house, waterfront cottage, boat, a need for car(s), power tools, an important career, etc…)

right now, i am simply going with the flow.. and basically that means every weekday i rudely awake from my quite entertaining dreams, have a shower, grab a coffee, jump on at least one bus and eventually end up at my designated work area… but amongst all this routine i also experience a few pleasant surprises… and it’s these small phenomena that remind me of how awesome it is to be me and what life is all about! but at work, you see… i have no idea what the next step is… and as time goes on i find myself getting trapped doing mundane tasks that any well-trained monkey could do while smoking a fine imported cigar.

but yeah.. the work stuff will be easy to figure out.. i just need to sit down and think about what’s next, what i need to do to successfully accomplish this, flag these as goals, and start to work towards them (while somehow shifting the banal tasks away from me)… i don’t really anticipate much opposition from above… however, there always could be…

now on to the wife and kids… and well the kids part can be easy and fun… but must wait until i can find someone who i can totally count on and who can complement me in nearly every way. this is going to be a tough one… since this perfect person is no where to be found.. wait there she is… no.. that was just a warm breeze…

now you know, it’s not so bad having the leisure to simply ignore planning for the future or how i am going to pay for rent, etc… but it just seems so foreign to me not to already have a short-term strategy implemented to maximize my long-term potential. hmmm… maybe it’s about time i find a mentor (or possibly a therapist – thanks for the suggestion leona, haha)… because i’m sick of figuring everything out on my own…

2006-06-03 14:35 UPDATE: ohh neat.. i guess the planets (rather their transits) do control my life… check out my horoscope!

ah-ha moment

in this entry i will not simply recite the activities and occurrences since my last entry but rather attempt to shed some vague insight on how these various activities have made me feel, what i have learned, what i would do again… names will be left out, events will not appear in any order, and only i will truly know what the fuck i am talking about. actually, i think, i am just going to make a list of ‘tips’… and hopefully, sometime in the future when i read these, i will know what i was referring to and/or know how they helped me.

  • know your most desired superpower and why.
  • accept a gift that is purchased for you when bought in good faith and appreciation.
  • be prepared for the worse but more importantly the best.
  • measure twice and cut once; and know when to go with your gut instead.
  • share, but don’t get taken advantage of.
  • hold the elevator, skytrain, bus or whatever for someone running after it.
  • be comfortable in your own skin, and with who you are, or want to be.
  • explore, expand, ponder and never blindly dismiss.

ok, enough with the tips… they are making me somewhat nauseous, and won’t apply to everyone… so, i guess the main takeaway from this is: hmmm, i dunno… continue to live, continue to reflect and evaluate, so you can make the right decisions, and after you do this… be sure to share your experiences so others can benefit from what you learned. (omg, this is the e-portfolio process isn’t it?!… lol… working in education is awesome!)

practice makes progress

ok i played entirely too much acoustic folk guitar today.. but i simply can’t put the damn thing down!!  sure, it’s extremely painful to continue playing, as it is also to type anything using my left hand…  but it’s all good!!   practice makes progress!!  and finally i can play a simple A…D…E…A… pretty much in-tune and in-time…  (thanks to the absolute beginners dvd that kele got me!)  so yeah.. i can’t wait until my fingers harden up so i can continue to practice (with less pain) and learn how to play a real song!! whoo hoo… indie rock’n’roll for me… kuz it’s all i need!!

(un)intentional self-satire

really who needs to go out?… when you can sit here in front of the computer each and every day for at least 16 hours… really? do people actually need social contact, meaningful relationships, shared experiences, and all the other so called wonderful things that happen out there in the traditional/offline world…. like seriously!?!? who wouldn’t want to sit alone in the dark in an overpriced downtown vancouver apartment while sipping on warm canned beer and writing a self-mocking blog entry for all to read?… and… really… who needs a life outside of work? or friends? like why would anyone want to do something “fun” on the weekend? why not just sit around and do the same shit over and over… and over… and slowly start to feel sorry for yourself… i hear it’s fun… i swear… shit, everyone should try it!! just make sure you get yourself some really high-speed internet and a pretty fast computer and you’ll be set!! your life will be complete and totally happy!! nothing could be better than reading the same news headlines over and over in one of your many rss readers… or checking your own music stats on… shit, the best part of doing all this is… the freedom that you’ll gain!! you will be able to do whatever you want!! you can do things like search for anything your little, unused and empty heart desires on ‘popular’ sites like google or yahoo or wikipedia!! and if yer really feeling happy and complete, you can even modify entries on wikipedia that you think you know the most about… like being a fat lazy ass, with no friends, no life, and nothing progressive, fun or rewarding to do on a friday nite…

taxable principles

today, i need to file my income taxes. sure the deadline is not until tomorrow at midnight, but i feel i have already put this off for far too long. you see, it’s unusual for me not to enjoy doing my taxes, since in the past, i have always been amused by the documents that need to be aggregated through this formal and complex system of calculations, and how one slight variation of a single entry can result in vast disparities.

maybe all this dawdling is just a result of my subconscious acceptance to paying income tax, and an acknowledgment that my participation in the filing process, could only bring more complication my way. in other words… my taxes are taken off each pay at the appropriate rate, determined by trained professionals… the cra already knows this, and what i make, and what i have paid them.. so why bother asking me again? do they want me, a simply layman, to err in their favour, and pay out more of my hard earned cash than necessary by law? or are they being thoughtful and simply providing me with a formal means to lie, cheat, and steal my way out of paying the required taxes? i don’t know!! shit, maybe overpaying is even a good thing to further help provide the social services and infrastructure we all need and love… i just don’t know anymore!!

most important meal

hello hello, it’s just me again.. writing away.. saying hi… i’ve been über-busy at work and it’s totally draining me.. however, i did manage to have a good weekend.. friday i went out and bought me a new laptop bag.. because it was about time to say bye to my north face backpack from grade nine… and i also went out for drinks with cameron at the alibi room and with tyler at king’s head… overall had a great night… saturday, i didn’t do much.. i don’t think… and sunday i went out on a blind breakfast date, which was a refreshing change.. eating breakfast is great.. i should do it more often, because it’s the most important meal of the day you know…

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